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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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drowns at sandy point park. >> the child was found in an unguarded area. that is where we find our reporter live with the story. >> police are handling this investigation. the boy was reported missing around 8:00 this evening. volunteers got into the water and searched in the waters of the chesapeake bay. a lifeguard motions those in the water to move back to the area were another lifeguard can keep a close watch. it was a non guarded area where a six-year-old boy drowned. the park was packed with people. >> it was pretty intense. it is a parent's worst nightmare to experience this. >> this happened around 8:00 monday morning. the boy was in the water holding
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his sister's hand when she became separated. the boy was located in about 4 feet of water. >> somebody said that they found them, not knowing. everybody rushed down. they put it in the back of one of the trucks. >> firefighters are making a plea to parents, what your children. >> already this year, we have had approximately 13 drownings in our county alone. this takes into account pool drownings and open water drownings. >> the boy was rushed by ambulance to the medical center. that is where he was pronounced dead. >> crews are searching for a missing 25-year-old man who fell off a boat in the lake shore area. we will have the very latest and 11:00.
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>> attempted robbery leads to a stabbing that sent one man to the hospital. the victim was attacked around 10:00 last night. the man was taken to johns hopkins hospital. his condition is unknown. the search is on for the person who shot and killed a man saturday morning outside a nightclub. the 36-year-old was shot multiple times in the parking lot of club baltimore. >> i know the places that i go to. i have my eyes wide open. i look over my shoulder when i go into a new place. i would not judge this place by one incident at all. >> a police officer was injured as he tried to secure the scene. if you have any information, you should call baltimore county police. >> no word on what started a fire that killed one person and
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injured an elderly woman saturday afternoon. she was rushed to the burn unit with life-threatening industry -- injuries after being trapped in the fire in edge water. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. order county officials say was a lightning strike that caused a two-alarm fire at a church there. one firefighter was hurt and taken to a hospital. the blaze did an estimated $15,000 in damage. a baltimore city man is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds he suffered early this morning inside a parking garage. police did not believe this was a random act of violence. they rented to an ongoing feud between the victim and some of his neighbors.
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>> city detectives are interviewing several people the interest in connection with a shooting. a 911 call center city police rushing to this garage. investigators believe multiple shots were fired even as authorities responded. the victim was an unidentified man in his 20's suffered several bullet wounds and is expected to survive. he was shot standing outside of his vehicle and a garage. the garage is located just a block from inner harbor. they do not believe this is an act of random violence. the victim has no real criminal record, but he had been arrested just last week on a second- degree assault charge in connection with an ongoing feud with his neighbors. the victims of those neighbors after leaving a downtown club and another fight broke out and escalated into gunfire. police were able to detain a
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number of eyewitnesses. the entrance is under recorded video surveillance so it is possible that even more people will be identified as witnesses. the victim is a baltimore city resident and is being treated at the university of maryland shock trauma unit. >> thousands of people will pack the inner harbor tonight for the fourth of july fireworks show. we are live downtown with a preview. >> as the crowd grows, so does the anticipation for the fourth of july fireworks show. in about three hours, the skies over the inner harbor will be a lot more colorful than they are right now. crews have been preparing for the show all weekend.
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1400 firework shells are set up on barges. producers told us the 18-minute show will feature some new fireworks shapes, including a jellyfish. leading up to the big fireworks show, they have posted a day full of live entertainment, from patriotic bans to comedy. >> it is great. we live -- week will take the bus home. >> are you going to stick around for the fireworks? >> we will if our one-your daschle can stay up that late. >> the show starts out 9:30. folks are already getting their front wrote seats. the bulls have more for -- we will have more for you tonight at 11:00.
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we are live on the inner harbor. >> thank you. the big show as long as the weather holds. >> we do have some rain of to the west of us, though. keep your fingers crossed. we need the rain, but not tonight, please. that train that you see out west -- that rain and that you see out west, the trajectory of that particular batch of cells is not aiming at baltimore. it might slide just to our south, more toward a d.c. in pennsylvania, between -- there is a line of thunderstorms. bob in the mountains. if it -- couched in the mountains. we cannot take rain out of the formula for our forecast here in baltimore. south of us, there is a greater chance for rain.
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we will detail the forecast for tonight and the week ahead in just a minute. >> for a list of all of the events happening around md., including fireworks shows and live entertainment, go to like to see your fourth of july pictures. that is so skewed. -- that is so cute. >> we took this day to celebrate freedom in very different ways. >> july 4 at the beach, is there a better way to celebrate america pause birthday? if you live in connecticut, where beach bound traffic jams started before dawn. >> we have been here since 5:00
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in the morning. >> independence day is a chance to chill out with a cookout. in phoenix, it was 100 degrees. in new hampshire, mitt romney was trying to pick up some votes. jon huntsman was literally running to the white house. in atlanta, participants and a peach tree race were trying to survive 10 kilometers. nothing like the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. in dallas, american warriors got a hearty welcome home. in afghanistan, a group of american soldiers took the stake to reenlist. david petraeus is about to become the next cia director and was there to say goodbye and thank you. >> under out that can never thank you enough. >> -- america can never say
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thank you and not. -- enough. >> nasa says it will be flying its air pollution research flight again tomorrow. the large plane carries nine scientific instruments that measure air quality. if you see that low-flying aircraft, there is no cause for concern. it will take place over the baltimore-washington corridor. >> there is much more ahead. >> a big welcome home for heroes returning home from war. we will take you to their arrival. >> md. special olympians are having a great day. >> there are some scattered storms out to our west. we will see how close they get tonight. it is 87 at the airport. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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>> a bill will come home to eat -- a big welcome home today at the airports. we were there as family and friends greeted their loved ones. volunteers with operation welcome home have greeted more than 500 flights and 100,000 military personnel. you can share your photos and videos on you can also share video messages to troops. >> americans are celebrating independence day. this morning, we caught up with people at roland park. it began at 10:00 at the library. the procession was led by
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firefighters and the historic engine #44. in baltimore county, tens of thousands of people crowded the streets for the 77th annual fourth of july parade. every year, it seems to gets bigger and better. plenty of candy for the kids. the tradition has lasted so long because the people are so proud to wear their red, white, and blue. >> thousands of people crowded maryland beaches to relax this holiday. state officials remind you to stay away from wildlife. officials say sea turtles and manatees -- you should stay at least 150 feet from the animals to avoid disturbing their normal activity. never ever touched animal remains. the number to call to report
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wildlife -- >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> this week and has been pretty decent. we did was some rain activity mostly to the west of oz. a couple of sprinkles in frederick. most of the thunderstorm activity is west of winchester at this time. this one may be more prone to affect the baltimore area. we do have a slight risk for rain today. the bigger storms are to the south. it is just north of ocean city right now. how warm did get today? not quite as warm as yesterday.
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89 at the airport. inner harbor, 94. right now, just about everybody is at mid 80's. 89 at ocean city. 86, a frederick. the clouds are a little heavier. satellite pictures showed a bigger storms are in virginia. they are headed toward southern maryland and the lower eastern shore. that line of storms, that stuff is drifting in this direction. here is baltimore. it could be kind of close. a cold front is just south of us right now. there really dry air is in pennsylvania. it will take a while for that's less humid air to move in. no big storms less -- was of that.
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thing should quiet down for a day or so. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy skies. thunderstorms mostly to the south. here in baltimore, it could be a close call this evening. if you are going to be out this evening, fireworks watching, you might want to bring some kind of portable rain gear just as a hedge. by 8:00, we do have most of the activities south of us. at 9:00, the computer says nothing close by at all. if you can believe the computer. this is the one that froze on me just an hour ago. tuesday, range chances stay south of us. the skies began to clear. 87 to 91, the high. water temperatures are right up
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around 80 degrees or so. your seven-day forecast, a 90 on wednesday. the highest rank chances are on thursday. this is not totally bad news. right now, next weekend looks dry. >> if you are planning to head downtown, you can take the forecast with you. go to >> 11 sports. >> it makes for a great conversation. the party they hold monday, a different fight. 184 this season. they deserve a chance in the
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home-run derby. he killed the ball the last three seasons. a great moment today. u.s. naval officer surprised her family. fireworks of the best kind. it is a monster mash indeed. left over the monster, 2-0. blue jays, 9-7. in washington, d.c., and davey johnson and the national posted the cubs. -- hosted the cubs. not so much and the communication department.
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he is in a given moved kurdish bases are loaded. -- he is in a given the mood. bases are loaded. carlos gone wild. the national celebrate 5-4. many special olympians can not celebrates the fourth of july in their homeland. the u.s. soccer team played in the gold medal game against spain and played very well. the u.s. team won the gold with a 2-one victory over spain. congratulations. from what can be described as the best of american spirit, nathan's hot dog eating contest.
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it grows every year. joel chesnutt, your reigning champion, one question, where does he put it? 62 hot dogs in 12 minutes. they have done it mayonnaise eating contest in the past. stay with us. we will track the forecast right after this. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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>> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey deathny to caylee's
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ignores all this evidence. >> prosecutors get the last word. tonight at 11:00, the evidence now in the hands of jurors. doctors at hopkins find that it may be linked to increased risk of heart attack. that, when you
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>> everybody is keeping their fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. >> most of them will pass out of oz. check before you head out this evening. >> be optimistic. 77 for the fireworks this evening. 89 tomorrow, a little less humid. on wednesday, most of the day is fine. by the end of the day, may be an isolated thunderstorm. a higher chance of rain thursday and friday. next weekend looks dry. we need the rain, so it is not totally bad news. >> wait until 11:00. thank you. >> have a great fourth of july, everyone. enjoy the fireworks tonight. >> have a great evening. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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